This is my very first game, done with the open source Godot engine. I went for a neon style and a reference to the movie "Hackers", given it was the theme of OpenBSD 6.8.

Help Puffy, the OpenBSD operating system mascot to Hack the planet by feeding it bubbles.

I had a few goals in mind for this game:

  • easy to play
  • a scoring system to compete with other
  • a funny mechanic
  • a reward for finishing the game (a few minutes maximum)


Puffy Bubble Linux 64 bits
Puffy Bubble Windows 64 bits

Install instructions

For Windows and Linux, just run the executable

For the Web version, your web browser must be WebGL/WebASM capable.

For OpenBSD users (and other systems where Godot is available), download the Linux version and run godot --main-pack puffy-bubble.x86_64

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