Slay zombies in a dungeon while retrieving relics, you have a sword to defend yourself against lethal zombie bites.

This is my second experiment at making a game using the Godot engine, I wanted to make a game in the same style as Nethack.

Sources of the game are available at under MIT license

Install instructions

For Windows and Linux, just run the executable

For the Web version, your web browser must be WebGL/WebASM capable.

For OpenBSD users (and other systems where Godot is available), download the Linux version and run godot --main-pack z-hack.x86_64


Z-hack Linux 64 bits
Z-hack Windows 64 bits

Development log


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I reuploaded the web version in debug mode, it behaves correctly.

The problem was also reproducible on the binaries which were done in release mode, I republished them in debug mode. I have no idea why the physics is done differently between release/debug.

There is a github issue about this, I'll provide a MRP as they say :)

I temporarily removed the web version because the physics was behaving incorrectly. I'm investigating about the issue.