Slay zombies in a dungeon while retrieving relics, you have a sword to defend yourself against lethal zombie bites.

This is my second experiment at making a game using the Godot engine, I wanted to make a game in the same style as Nethack.

Sources of the game are available at under MIT license


Z-hack Linux 64 bits
Z-hack Windows 64 bits

Install instructions

For Windows and Linux, just run the executable

For the Web version, your web browser must be WebGL/WebASM capable.

For OpenBSD users (and other systems where Godot is available), download the Linux version and run godot --main-pack z-hack.x86_64

Development log


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I reuploaded the web version in debug mode, it behaves correctly.

The problem was also reproducible on the binaries which were done in release mode, I republished them in debug mode. I have no idea why the physics is done differently between release/debug.

There is a github issue about this, I'll provide a MRP as they say :)

I temporarily removed the web version because the physics was behaving incorrectly. I'm investigating about the issue.